Simply reconnect faster.

Includes a band and one year service

There is no joy greater than watching our children discover new ways of experiencing the world. Yet, no matter how diligent and responsible we are, there are moments when either we get separated from them or their curiosity separates them from us.

ELPH is a silicone wristband designed specifically for children, adults, the elderly, and individuals with special needs. It provides an immediate, highly visible form of identification and with clear instructions directly on the band. The ELPH is simple to use with options to dial in or scan a QR code to be directly connected to an emergency contact.

Easy setup, quick registration.

A simple interface is provided to input emergency contact name, email and phone numbers. Additional comments can be entered at the time of data entry to allow the HELPER/Good Samaritan to be alerted to any special conditions of the dependent, such as medical conditions, allergies or other requirements.

Simply choose to register on your smartphone by scanning the band using any bar code reader app available. Or register via this website using the unique serial code on the band. Once completed, you will get a text and email alert letting you know the account profile is active, and to verify the information has been entered correctly.

Your information, is seconds away.

The Good Samaritan has options to dial in or scan a QR code. The ELPH provides a toll-free number on the band, which connects to the guardian or designated emergency contact. Or when the bar code is scanned, in addition to the direct call, it will also send Alert Messages that tell the emergency contacts when the ID was scanned and provides a current GPS location.

ELPH uses QR code technology that allows users to provide as much information as they see fit. The contact and emergency info can be changed in real time to reflect the current situation and needs.